Magdalena Barns: With 5 barns and over 60 stalls, Magdalena Farm has the facilities capable of housing your horses at any stage of their careers, whether that be breaking, racing, layup, rehabilitation, sales prep and / or breeding and foaling.

Magdalena Turn Out: Mcpeek Racing can offer your racehorse the unique opportunity to be turned out daily for grazing time after morning training. An established 115 acre farm with fenced pastures and paddocks of various sizes, horses can enjoy ample time outside to graze and relax.

Magdalena Turf Gallop has a world class grass gallop located on the outer fringes of the farm property lines.  With the help of golf course designer Danny McQueen and his staff,  we have cut and graded the land to be smooth for the safety and footing of your horses. The course is 1 1/2 miles long and 100 feet wide. The land was graded by Louisville Grading Company. With the help of expert advice from Dr. AJ Powell of the University of Kentucky, and Dr. Todd Bunnell of SePro Corporation, the course has been seeded with the highest quality grass. We have sections of Riviera Bermuda and Ultimate Fescue that allows us to choose the type of grass your horse trains on each day. The Riviera Bermuda was sewn at 100 pounds per acre and the Ultimate Fescue at 400 pounds per acre, giving the course a high grass density which will help cushion the impact of your horse's training regime. The course has two steady inclines designed to strengthen your horses’ heart, lungs and muscles. We have the option of training your horse either left or right-handed in order to change their routine. At Magdalena we have many more options, keeping your horse mentally and physically together for a longer period of time.

The sole purpose for this project is to help keep horses racing happier and longer. Knowing how much people like yourself may invest, it is our goal to pay special attention to the horses in our care. We have focused much of our energies into developing a location where they can be happy and healthy.

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